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The JuryTest Leadership Team

Adam Rosen, J.D., Ph.D.
Adam Rosen is the founder and CEO of JuryTest and its parent consulting company, Jury Associates. Adam is trained as both an attorney and clinical psychologist and teaches on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry. He also serves as an instructor at the twice annual litigation workshop at the Harvard Law School. Adam has been studying jury decision making for 15 years and regularly consults on high stakes litigation for Fortune 500 companies and major insurance carriers nationwide. Adam invented JuryTest to reduce the costs of pre-trial jury perception research and to make it available in a far wider range of litigation situations. Adam also provides trial strategy and witness performance consultations in professional negligence cases, and has a specialty in preparing physicians for testimony in Medical Malpractice litigation. In his spare time, Adam can be found sailing on the lakes and coastal waters of New England. He once tried out for the Montreal Expos.
Alan Goldman
Alan Goldman , a native New Yorker, has had an accomplished business career. After years at Wang Laboratories and Burroughs Computer Corporation, Alan started several information technology companies, including Applied Data Systems, which he built and eventually sold to a Fortune 500 company. As the President and CEO of Applied Data systems, Alan designed, sold and implemented many award winning products for municipal and county government. Alan’s innovations included electronic imaging systems for land and vital records, as well as court and health systems records. Alan was the first in the United States to design and install image-based systems for land and vital records and the second in the United States for image-based medical records. In his spare time over the years, Alan has achieved certifications as a merchant marine officer and as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Alan serves as the Vice President of Business Development for JuryTest.
Edward Ogintz
Edward Ogintz has a decades long history in managing litigation claims. Ed cut his teeth and spent nearly thirty years working in and directing the Personal Injury Division of the New York City Comptroller’s office, part of the largest municipal claims operation in the country. In this capacity, Ed was responsible for all phases of claim/litigation management for personal injury claims and played an active role in vetting and utilizing information technology to assist the claims management process. Ed has longstanding working relationships with municipal and private attorneys and has worked with them in the implementation of various information technology initiatives. Little known facts about Ed include that he spent years before his claims career as a professional musician, at one time having the acquaintance of several future members of the Tonight Show Band. Ed joined JuryTest in 2009 as a Director of Client Services in the New York region.
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